• Mission Trip Informational Meeting - There will be an informational meeting to help explain and give more information on the Sunset Gap mission trip on Sunday, September 25, immediately after church in the large Sunday school room.  Those who have committed to going as well as any that are interested in joining us are encouraged to attend. 

  • Romans Bible Study - Chapter 3 presentation on Romans will be Wednesday, September 28.

  • Directory UpdatesOur church directory has been entered into a database and a printout is on the hall table.  Because of the new format, whether or not anything has changed for you, EVERYONE should check their listing and mark changes, or mark it as OK if there are no changes, so that we can proceed with printing the 2017 directory.   It is of particular importance that you identify phone numbers as being a landline or cell number.  Please also browse the Out of Town Friends and Family section for anyone you have listed there, and OK or fix those as well.   Please have these corrections made by October 23.

  • Men's Ministry The Men's Ministry will focus on bringing men together for the purpose of building friendships and equipping men across a broad range of topics and issues, both practical and spiritual. The Men's Ministry will kickoff with an evening of worship, food, and fellowship on Friday Nov 11 at the Davis Lodge on Lake Bloomington. Reserve the date on your calendar now -- more details to follow.

  • Spiritual Health Survey - The committee, in order to gain insights on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within our church family will be conducting an electronic survey called "The Reveal Spiritual Health Survey."  This survey was professionally developed to uncover the health of a church body in three main areas:  Personal spiritual practices, how faith is put into action and how effective the church is in fostering these disciplines.  We plan to use the reporting from the survey to give direction to future initiatives from the committee. 

    The survey will be electronically administered and can be taken on any electronic device from laptop to iPhone.  We would like 100% participation from all regular attendees 18 and older.  All responses are completely anonymous and will not be seen by anyone in leadership or on the committee.  However, personal information will be asked for at the beginning of the survey for future progress tracking should the church family choose to take the survey again.  This information is only visible to the survey administrators.

    The survey will become available on October 9th to your email address in our church email directory and will close on Sunday, October 30th.  For those who do not have a computer or mobile device to take the survey or would like some assistance, there will be opportunity to take the survey after church in the Sunday School rooms on Sunday, October 9th and Sunday, October 23rd.
    We appreciate you making every effort to provide your valued feedback.  Questions about the survey can be directed to Eric Huber.
    Snack providers needed at LINC

    Many of you have helped provide snack at LINC Sunday School in the past.  This is an easy way to serve as we share the gospel with others.  A sign up sheet is out on the table for the remaining LINC Sunday’s of 2016.  A basic snack is needed for ~20-30 children, served at 12:40.  If you have any questions, please see Kory Kaeb.

  • Upcoming Elder Conference - Planning is underway for the 2017 Mid-Winter Elder Conference, which will be hosted here in Bloomington in early March. Details of initial preparations are in the September In Touch, and the Planning Coordinators will keep you updated as work progresses with future announcements and In Touch articles. 

    This is an exciting opportunity for all of us to work as a body, extending love and hospitality to those who serve in leadership roles.

  • Road Closure - The portion of Raab Road that is being widened is now closed to the entrance to Mercy Creek Drive.  But the eastern entrance to our parking lot off of Raab Road – the one closest to Towanda-Barnes Rd. – is still open.  People can drive on Towanda-Barnes, turn west onto Raab Rd., and then into the parking lot.  The “Road Closed” barricades will permit this turn, but not continuing west on Raab Road.

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