Timothy Group

The Timothy Group stands ready to provide services to those who, due to difficult situations, have special needs not able to be filled byfamily and friends. Areas of services available are providing meals, household help, transportation, home visitation, and extending a welcome to new babies and to folks who have started consistently attending church services with us. If you become aware of a situation that falls within the purpose of The Timothy Group, please contact the coordinators.

Welcome - New to our church?
Contact Joy Blunier or Sheryl Bucher.

Food - Contact Patsy Kaeb.
The church family is happy to provide food for families with new babies, people recovering from surgery, etc.

Household Help / Repair - Contact Randy & Marj Schmidgall.
Household Help and Repair will assist with jobs too small to call professionals, but large enough to cause the homeowner concern if not able to do on his or her own. Some examples have been repairing and re-fastening some minor wind damage, adding a pet door, winterizing windows, and yard work.

Transportation - Contact Patti Rebbec.
Transportation will assist individuals who do not have family or friends available to help with transportation needs. Trips may be for doctor appointments, a run to the store or other needs. They are usually in town, but on occasion an appointment may be in Peoria or Springfield.